Farming is at the Heart of Every Community

In episode 10 Nicole Akers recommended getting to know farmers at the market. In this week’s episode I am joined by Jessica Newell, an organic farmer from California.

“Four generations farm together on our farm and we believe that small, family ran farms are the heart of every community.”

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About Jessica Newel

Attached is a picture of Jessica and her brother Morgan, a retired army Captain, who farm together.  The family ran farm is located on 15 acres in the beautiful, fertile Huasna Valley of Arroyo Grande, CA. Pepper Creek has been providing diversified, seasonal fruits and vegetables to residents, chefs, restaurants, and local CSAs for over 20 years. Jessica and her family are committed to providing the community with great-tasting, healthy produce that is naturally grown, sustainable and pesticide-free.

Morgan has developed an extended education program through California Polytechnicall University San Luis Obispo (CalPoly) called FEED. This is a link to an amazing video showing their farm and info on the program. It’s an intense 12 week program at the university and on their farm. Anyone can register and go through the program but the focus on Veterans. The GI bill covers this program for US military veterans:

Her Recipe

Jessica shared her family’s pico recipe. It’s similar to a salsa but will serve a whole crowd.

Get a full copy of the recipe on Week by Week »

Want More Details?

If you Google the farm name Pepper Creek Farm, you’ll find a bunch of fun and informative articles on them. You can also find Jessica on Instagram and Facebook:

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