Our garden is growing

Meaghan and her eldest son stopped by last week to showcase our first harvest: zucchini squash and swiss chard from our garden. We are overjoyed!

When I tasted her zucchini bread, I was even more delighted. It was moist and rich tasting. Absolutely delicious! I am working on getting you a copy of her recipe (…hint hint).

It is shocking to look at how much it costs for fresh produce compared to growing your own food. Seeds can be free at a local exchange or less than $2 for a package of seeds or seedlings. Water is them most costly component but rain barrels provide a significant offset.

If you haven’t thought about growing your own food, maybe start with an herb garden in a container that you can keep in the kitchen.

AuthorBrooke Gordon

My name is Brooke and I love to cook, hence the nickname. I am passionate about eating for pleasure and nutrition, making jam, and supporting women who want to live a healthy life.