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More Than Good Food

I love food but what I keep coming back to is that what we eat is only one component of our lifestyle. On top of posting pictures and writing up new recipe ideas, I spend time reading new research on movement, digestion, and stress management – but I thought it would be more interesting to have a conversation than to just talk about what I’ve been learning. More importantly, I want to get into things we would be embarrassed to talk about at a restaurant but that you might hear friends discussing at the kitchen table.

The goal of the More Than Good Food podcast is to have those honest conversations with women who are experts in their field, and those who have lived experience that they want to share, about what it means to live a healthy life in a busy world.

Because it’s a conversation, episodes won’t have a specific length but I don’t expect them to be longer than an hour.

I’ll be writing up show notes with links to different resources. It will also serve as a place to thank our advertisers and supporters who generously provide opportunities to help offset the costs. I’m also a management consultant (and love love love my current role) so showcasing the hard work of my guests is important to me. My promise to you is that I won’t post anything that I don’t personally recommend and use myself.

I hope you will join me for a conversation with my favourite cookbook author, Julie Daniluk in episode 1 »

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AuthorBrooke Gordon

My name is Brooke and I love to cook, hence the nickname. I am passionate about eating for pleasure and nutrition, making jam, and supporting women who want to live a healthy life.