Finding Freedom: Choosing Your Connection to Happiness with Caitlin McCarthy

In this episode of More Than Good Food, we explore the concept of happiness. In episode 8, Dr. Jean Skillman said happiness is one of the pillars of health. She also said that happiness is a choice – a controversial statement for some.

Webster Dictionary defines happiness as a state of being happy, which doesn’t really say much of anything, in my opinion. However “happy” is defined as feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. What does that mean in terms of living a healthy life? In a society of social media, where we are expected to show ourselves at our best, what does happiness really mean? Is it a fleeting sensation of pleasure, and where does contentment fit into it? These are the questions that came to mind, and that I posed to Caitlin McCarthy.

Did your doctor ask you to make lifestyle changes?

About Caitlin

Caitlin McCarthy is an Accredited Nutritionist, Transformational Coach and founder of The Sensual Shift and She works with women all over the world and teaches them how to drop the drama, the body hate & the self-abuse and how to connect to their desires, trust their intuition and live their TRUTH. Her movement inspires women to create abundant lives that light them up by owning their exquisite beauty & strength.

Her recipe

We lucked out ladies! Caitlin shared her Delicious Fudgy Brownies recipe… if you’re mouth wasn’t already watering, read on.

The only thing I really need to say about these brownies is that you TOTALLY need to try this recipe – it’ll be the best decision you make today! Hehe!

They’re fudgy, melt-in-your-mouth, very minimally sweetened (don’t let that put you off!), vegan, paleo, lower carbohydrate, have some good fats in there and there’s even a hidden vegie – plantain!

If you’ve never heard of plantains, they look like a large banana, and can be used both when they’re green and when they’re yellow. They’re a staple in tropical regions of the world and are high in potassium. You can find them in Asian grocers and Wholefoods.

Go on, you know you want to!!

I’ve never cooked with plantain so these brownies were even more a treat. I love trying new things! Perhaps not ironically, it satisfies my inner curiosity and makes me happy.

Get the full recipe for Caitlin’s Delicious Fudgy Brownies on Week by Week »

Want more details?

We mentioned the Sensual Shift Sisterhood Group on Facebook and her website, I know Caitlin would be delighted to hear from you. You can find all the links to connect with her on social media here:

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