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Health Canada recommends 30 minutes a day of activity. I personally love walkING. No equipment necessary.


Couple walking along the shore

How Far do I Need to Walk Every Day to Lose...

Walking is a great form of exercise for a couple or reasons. One, you don’t need any equipment. Two, you can do it just...
What is the body image we've been told to model?

Let it go. Let it go.

I recently attended a Move Your DNA workshop. One of the exercises was letting it go – letting your belly all hang out and relax....
Our feet are made for walking

Who are you Walking For?

Walking is an activity that sometimes gets dismissed. It’s not as intense as running. Certainly more gentle on the joints and calmer for digestion....
Nordic walking is a whole body workout

Nordic Walking

Osteoporsis took the quality of life and dignity from many of the women in my family. I recall stories of my aunt Hope who spent...


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Did your doctor ask you to make lifestyle changes?


Farming is at the Heart of Every Community

In episode 10 Nicole Akers recommended getting to know farmers at the market. In this week's episode I am joined by Jessica Newell, an organic...
Farm fresh produce

Eating Clean Without Breaking the Bank

One of the big concerns when people consider eating clean or eating healthier is cost. Grocery prices have gone up significantly in the past...
Lettuce growing in the garden

7 Tips to Successfully Start Growing Vegetables from Seed

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Don Abbott, the Snarky Gardener. Professionally he’s a software developer but spends his spare time producing...