Health Coaching

Hi! I’m Brooke Gordon, a health and strategic life coach who is passionate about working with women who got a doctor’s prescription for “a lifestyle change”.

It’s hard to hear that you need to make a lifestyle change, and even harder to implement… but pre-diabetes or type II (non-insulin dependent) diabetes, and non-alcoholic fatty liver can all be reversed! And if there’s no pathological or biological cause, so can high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

It’s amazing how the body can heal itself if we let it.

I’m offering a special “Find Your Path Back to Health” Coaching Session (a $350 value) for ZERO COST.

During this powerful, one-on-one coaching session, we’ll work together to…

  • Create a crystal clear vision for the healthy life you want to lead.
  • We’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success at following the recommendations made by your health care provider (like your family doctor, a specialist, naturopath or dietician).
  • You’ll leave the session renewed, reenergized and ready to finally live the pain free life you want – once and for all.

To claim your special “Find Your Path Back to Health” coaching session today, simply answer these questions and press submit:

What to expect when working with me

  • No platform login with a password to remember. Health coaching is all about you, not a generic program that you download and try to follow on your own. 
  • Options rather than advise, and ideas that you can try, based on proven strategies. Together, we’ll create a wellness plan just for you with actions designed to meet your goals.
  • You’ll recieve a summary of your wellness plan so you don’t have to take notes.
  • Flexible apointment times during evenings or weekends.Whatever is easiest for you. All times are in EST.
  • Practical tips to prepare for the next appointment with your health care provider so you can feel in control of your journey.
  • Guides, checklists and webinars to support your skills and knowledge about the topics you want to know more about.
  • Access to a closed Facebook group (optional to participate) to connect with likeminded women.

Fees for service

Most doctors want you to come back after 3-4 months to restest your bloodwork. My commitment to you is to be your encourager and hold you accountable for your path back to health.

Once you’ve gotten their feedback on your progress, we will re-assess your goals and wellness plan, and the support you want going forward.

I try to keep the tech simple. Monthly payments can be made by e-Transfer or PayPal. No refunds for missed calls but I know life happens so we can reschedule our call if at least 2-hours notice is given.

Health Coaching may be covered under your employers Benefit or Flex Health Plans that have a Wellness Spending Account. Refer to your insurance provider’s documentation.

Does coaching really work?

Research has shown that if two patients are given the same information by their doctor about lifestyle changes, the one who works with a professional will meet their goals over the person who goes alone.

I don’t want you to go it alone.

Final thoughts.

You want to go back to your doctor and have them tell you the changes are working! And along that path, find a new way to live your life with energy and vitality. A lifestyle that feels natural and easy.

To claim your special “Find Your Path Back to Health” coaching session today, simply answer these questions and press submit: